Economic growth with values

Dear fellow citizens.

We have values that have transcended from generation to generation to enable us  become who we are today. The values of peace, love and truth are the foundation of who I am today and of my island nation- Jazeera Raajje.

My  vision for economic growth is based on:


Create jobs in tourism, agriculture, education, health care and infrastructure development so my fellow citizens may lead a happy and prosperous life.

Small business development:

Provide financial and infrastructure support for the entrepreneurs in our society.

Innovation and skill development:

Provide evening classes for skill development to those with on going responsibilities so they in turn may grow by embracing new opportunities.


Developing the infrastructure with the focus on sustainable and environment friendly methods. Who are we without our islands – Jazeera Raajje?

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

-Ahmed Zahir
Connect with me Phone: +960 797 0288