Education and Future of our nation- Jazeera Raajje

Dear fellow citizens.

The future of Jazeera Raajje is our children and youth – the next generation. The plan for their development and growth is to enable an education that aids our next generation to pursue innovative ideas that help them, the community of Jazeera Raajje and the environment.

I am repeating the values statement again for our youth and the next generation who may read this:  The values of PEACE, LOVE and TRUTH are the foundation of Jazeera Raajje.

My  vision to grow the future of our Jazeera Raajje is by enabling innovation and education in our youth and students :


Education focused on core values to develop skills for innovation.


Set up innovation centers on all islands and schools to enable ideas that help oneself, Jazeera Raajje (island nation) community and environment grow.

Art, Sports and Entertainment: 

Encourage creativity and sport man ship in our youth so they may become an inspiration to our Jazeera Raajje (Island Nation) and the rest of the world.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

-Ahmed Zahir